Skiathos Guides

For real 'insider' detail, just ask me for and advance copy of the (38-page!) 3-part 'Orchard Villa Skiathos Guide' (sent automatically when you book)
Simply click on ... "CONTACT-ENQUIRE", and put "Guest Guide please!" in the "Your Message" box or use my direct contact info.
And for the standard 'Visitors' Guide to Skiathos' type of websites, you could of course just 'Google' "skiathos".
But this throws up the 'usual suspects' - all the hotel and cheap-flight sites, plus of course all the rogue 'booking-fee' villa sites (see 'Fair Pricing').
So, it can help a bi if you screen 'Google' by searching on e.g. 'Skiathos Guide' ... but that still throws up a lot of token 'Skiathos Overviews' as a vehicle to hotel and travel adverts, rather than real info to help you choose Skiathos.

BUT ... I've suggested below a few guide sites with rather more substance than that ... like photo galleries of main beaches, and well thought-out descriptions. 

Links ... (not guaranteed btw - please let me know if you find any that have become insecure etc.) from the reliable well-presented Matt Barret Greece and Greek Islands guide, with a comprehensive 'History'.  plenty of good stuff, photos of all beaches,some non-intrusive hotel and flight promotion  self-explanatory! - rates Skiathos as best organised for hiking in all Greece. interesting site by quirky travel blogger Christina X the official Skiathos town hall site (btw, at your own risk as it comes up as "not secure" - but unlikely the mayor's trying to hack you!) This is the Greek/English ‘Discover Skiathos’ magazine;4 issues to view, loads of photos and beaches-what to do-history-etc, and useful hotel-taverna-shop adverts. See copy on villa bookshelf, €5 in shops - e.g. Asteras


* of the 'usual susects', is possibly the most useful on the 'Guide' side, with plenty of  reviews and photos of the the village, facilities, beaches, restaurants as well as hotel accommodation - and an endless "Skiathos Forum" tweeterie with over 5000 entries!

But - T-A is definitely not recommended for whole-villa rentals. Although T-A hotel deals are via etc. and generally discounted from HOTEL rack rates, T-A - like Air BnB,, etc - charges villa owners 10%, which most owners have already built into their price to you.