Terms / Conditions - All Skiathos Greek Villas

These Terms and Conditions ('T&Cs') are for you* and villa owners* using my* website* "www.SkiathosGreekVillas.com", and by doing so you agree to them. 

1. By viewing this website or using it to contact villa owners, you are under no obligation to make any booking* or pay any fee or similar to any party.
2. Any villa enquiries you make by any means are not a commitment to make a villa booking (unless stated as such, and if so are subject to contract in (4)).
3. Villa and rental descriptions are not contractual in any eventual booking unless quantified in the advert. (such as numbers of rooms) and are also fair and
    reasonable judged by usual practice in holiday villa rental advertisements.
4. Booking rental prices, contracts and terms (incuding for cancellation or changes) will be agreed in writing between the villa owner and you by directly in writing,
    and no responsibility or liability of any sort falls on the website.
5. The website has no responsibility or liability for the content of any advertisement, or any consequence of any use of the website.
6. Per Greek villa-rental licence regulations and otherwise, villa rental bookings associated with this website are basic unserviced whole property short-term leases,
    and are not in the nature of … i) serviced hotel or holiday apartment accommodation and/or on a basis of ‘per person’ or ‘per room/apartment’, or … ii) inclusive
    or 'packaged' tours or similar; and specifically excludes any rights or remedies or services commonly or legally associated with (i) or (ii), and any responsibility
    of the villa 
owner to provide them.

* parties to the above T&Cs: 
- "you" means any visitor to this website or user of the products offered by owenrs advertising property on it. 
- "Website" / "I" / "my" means any owner, operator, manager, or developer of this website (expect to any extent they are owner of an advertised propert - as I am).
- "owner" / "landlord" means a villa owner (or their delegate) who has placed an advertisement on this website offering a villa for rental.
- "book" / "booking" means your acceptance reply  (and payment for) an explicit proposed rental offer and contract proposed direct to you by the owner.