Skiathos Greek Villa prices - owners direct rates, no fees or hidden commissions

All Villas have their own Prices, and Rental Terms & Conditions ('T&Cs'). But they also all conform to basic rules, which are in this section as follows:

 Pricing - all villas

Terms / Conditions - all Villas 

... and for the overall "No Fees/ Commissions" pricing policy accepted by all "Skiathos Greek Villas" owners, see Fair Pricing.

Now "Skiathos Greek Villas" is achieving 'Page-1' Google results I am offering other owners the possibility to list their villas, but until they do I can still offer only my own Skiathos Greek Villa - for prices click:  Orchard Villa Prices

(when more villas are added, select the villa on the listing page 'All Villas', then the villa menu tab 'Prices'.