Pricing Notes - all villas

Until website construction is complete, I can offer just my own Skiathos Greek Villa - for prices click:  "Orchard Villa Prices"

(when more villas are added, select the villa on the listing page 'All Villas', then the villa menu tab "Prices".

The website overall policy for pricing/terms for all villas (and related issues such as enquiries, bookings, cancellations, changeover days, etc) is below and under the the tab "Fair Pricing".

To avoid misunderstandings, check that the "Prices/Terms" menu page for any villa which interests you confirms that (quote, as follows):
"Prices/terms are subject to the 'Pricing/Terms for all Villas'on the website pages under 'Pricing' "

Boring details ...

... of overall policies for Pricing for all Villas in advertisements on this website*, which by advertising on this site the villa owners* and I* agree and confirm: 
1. Prices and other financials are not inflated by any surcharge, booking* fee, commission or the like.

2. The only contractual price is the total cost of any booking agreed in writing between you* and the owner as below.
3. Prices quoted as "one-week" or "7-day" rentals are for 7 nights over 8 days on calendar charts; e.g. arrive at villa on Friday 10th, leave on Friday 17th.
4. Days/times to arrive/leave may be negotiable with Owners, but price-chart dates apply to pro-rata calculations for rentals overlapping different pricing seasons.
5. Prices are for the whole villa and a party occupying the total no. of beds (or less), subject to any variations for party make-up agreed by the owner. 
6. Prices do not include any of your (or your party's) personal costs and expenses, such as travel, food, holiday insurance, any supplies or services not expressly
  included in the owner's advertisement or booking contract, or compensation for any accident or loss (no matter how caused).
7. Booking rental prices, contracts and terms (incuding for cancellation or changes) are valid only when made in writing between the villa owner and you directly
    in writing, 
and no responsibility or liability of any sort falls on the website.
8. This website is operated (which you accept) according to the sub-page tab "Terms/Conditions - All Villas" under main-menu tab "Pricing/Terms- all Villas".

* parties to the above policy: 
- "you" means any person viewing this website or booking a villa rental with owners advertising on it.
- "Website" / "I" means any owner, operator, manager, or developer of this website (expect to any extent they are owner of an advertised property - as I am).
- "owner" / "landlord" means a villa owner (or their delegate) who has placed an advertisement on this website offering a villa for rental.
- "book" / "booking" means your acceptance reply  (and payment for) an explicit rental offer and contract proposed direct to you by the owner.