Fair Pricing

Whether you book my villa or another, this ‘Fair pricing’ page is all about helping you avoid disguised surcharges on mass-market villa sites claiming to be "Owners Direct" - but are not.

But first, let's confirm that a booking with my “Enquire Now!” form on this site (or via 0033 6 63 42 50 50 or viviennes.villa@gmail.com) is not inflated by any form of booking fee, commission, or levy; and lets you negotiate directly with me before you book or pay (many of the mass-market sites actually require you to book and pay their site fee BEFORE their censored enquiry-message systems allow us to exchange full contact details like tel. nos. and email). 

So what's the problem with the 'mass' villa rental sites?

First, unlike the generally discounted prices on hotel booking sites, prices on most villa-rental sites (the 'Rogues' below) are actually higher than booking direct with the owner at his base price. These sites take the difference as a hidden commission (which the owner has already built into his base prices), or a pseudo booking charge (actually an introduction fee with no responsibility on the site); and they prevent direct contact with the owner before you've booked and paid.

And beware - plenty of these sites are 'seeded' with the text 'Direct' and 'Owner' so as to attract Google searches - or even have them in their site name (main offender - the various 'HomeAway'sites in "Rogues Gallery" below). And if you ‘register’ or ’login’ on such sites (or even just visit them), there are often (effectively) hidden site T&Cs  which (although probably unlawful ...) still do attempt to make you commit to book with the site, or pay their booking fee if you find a villa there and book it by other means.  

As well as overcharging you, all this prevents direct negotiation with the owner before you commit to book, and requires payment for the villa via the site’s unregulated rent collection services - whilst misrepresenting the fee as a guarantee for your payment transfer. 

So the simple way to avoid these surcharges and work direct with the owner, is to find the villa's 'official' site (you've already found mine!).
Or you can use one of the few remaining 'mass' sites sites whose only charge is to the owner for displaying the advert (in "Goodies Gallery" below). 

The ‘Goodies Gallery  - the few remaining honest direct-rental villa sites, which do not surcharge or inflate prices (Orchard Villa is on them), and where you're more than welcome to compare Orchard Villas facilitities and prices against others!(access site and enter "Destination... " or "Where to ..." as 'Skiathos' or 'Greece').

www.simplyowners.net have the most greek villas;  also see www.owners-properties-direct.ukwww.home-owners-direct.com , and www.allvillas.co.uk/greece 

allvillas.co.uk have the most Greek villlas in Greece (169, 167 in Crete/Rhodes- but only 1 in Skiathos - mine!).
'SimplyOwners.net' have the most in Skiathos (4) and Skopelos (2).
This is all dwarfed by the 300+ on HomeAway's 'Rogue' sites below - but their user T&Cs to use the site (section §10 'Right to Delete Content' ) try to make you liable to pay their service charge if you book a villa you first saw on the HomeAway site by communicating direct with the owner.

 The Rogues Gallery: sites which do surcharge or inflate villa base prices with fees and commissions (and keep the difference!)

First and worst - HomeAway(.com/.co.uk), and many aliases inc. Abritel(.com), VRBO.com (villa rent by owner!), VacationRentals(.com), RentbyOwner(.com). 
From 1998-2017 HomeAway Ltd operates the websiteb www.ownersdirect.co.uk,  which over 19 years became the UK 'Generic Trademark' (like 'Hoover') for "no-fee/direct with owner" villa leases. But in 2016 'H-A' and 'O-D' were taken over by Expedia Group. 'H-A' then took down the OwnersDirect website, but still use the DN / Domain Name www.ownersdirect.co.uk to divert searchers for the original ‘Owners Direct’ to the 'H-A' site. This now falsely claims on the site and in its 'Google' results and adverts, that “OwnersDirect is now HomeAway”! 

Then there are the other 'usual suspect' rogues who offer discounted hotel rates but surcharge private villas - such as HolidayLettings(.com), TripAdvisor, AirBnB(.cOM), Booking(.com), Epxedia(.com), ...

PS – why I set up my own site (and use the "Goody" sites) ... I used Owners Direct until it was hi-jacked ... but sadly, still forced to use 'H-A' because as above it still manages to divert to 'H-A' a vast number of keyword nd DN searches for  'O-D' (about 40% of H-A's business!)... but I'm n ow getting results on Google page 2 ... so maybe no HomeAway next year!