Fair Pricing

 in case you have had any experience of the pre-2016 and formerly excellent "Owners Direct UKadvertising website (with no charges to villa renters, or - except for the advert - to the owners), we need to warn you of its take-over by a fee-charging booking site.


This is HomeAway "UK" (actually a USA giant), which falsely claims to operate in the same way as "Owners Direct" - but is totally the opposite!     


But SkiathosGreekVillas.com does operate in the same way as the original "Owners Directsite. 


This means we protect your freedom to negotiate your villa holiday direct with owners at their published price with no fees or surcharges either side or to the website, and to contact owners through another site if you wish (but beware in case that exposes you to direct web-site booking fees or charges, or rents inflated to cover fees and surcharges by the site to owners


Today, most 'rent a villa from the owner'  sites actually prevent you from doing just thatand they ... 

   - Censor your enquiries and messages between you and the owner by removing contact tel-nos and emails addresses, so as to ...

       ... force you to use their on-line booking and payment systems, pay a c.20% surcharge, and accept restrictive T&C-s 

       ... and prevent true direct contact with owners, so you and the owner cannot avoid the website fees and surcharges, or freely negotiate terms and prices


... and ... 


   - Eliminate enough cooling-off period or you to find and book flights, or simply change your mind

   - Fix the price to make the owner's prices non-negotiable


... but with "www.SkiathosGreekVillas.com(and the few other honest villa sites left, such as the UK site, " www.simplyowners.net " .)

   - Guests can discuss their own requirements direct with the Owner by telephone or email

    ...adn btw, we have other URL's which all 'point' to www.SkiathosGreekVillas.com - they are: 


     " www.villachaletdirect.com "; " www.villaownerdirect.com "; and " www.privatevillasdirect.com ".

     These are not different websites, they simply pick up some popular 'Googling' keywords to find villa rental offers which are genuinely "Direct with Owner" sites.