Booking changes

Booking changes due to events beyond reasonable control (inc medical and covid)

When booking Orchard Villa you agree our T&Cs (sent with our offer before you book). They need a.o. for you to arrange your own insurance to cover any situation or event beyond reasonable control affecting either of us, which prevents you from taking up your booking, or me from providing the villa or any of its facilities.

But if covid remains an issue in 2022, we may offer to transfer your booking free to 2023 (only), if you are unable to obtain reasonably-priced insurance &/or or airline refund guarantees, and obtain our consent to the offer before you book. 

Insurers offering cover include (2020); but you need to check all possibilities yourself. Also, the offer is does not apply if your decision not to travel is not due disinclination to travel within reasonable permitted rule, but is imposed by express government restrictions such as effective 'red-listing' of Greece by UK or vice-versa, or unreasonable costs (like mandatory hotel quarantining).  
For airlines, you need to ascertain their refund conditions beyond simple flight cancellation (check this gives a refund, not a voucher replacement). 

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