Your 3-part Guide ... Orchard Villa; Skiathos; handy Greek, and Food & Wine

Hi to 'Orchard Villa Skiathos' friends and fans past and future!

I used to leave sending this Guide until you booked, but to help you join our happy band I'm adding the most useful pre-booking bits to the main website under the "Skiathos Overview" and "Orchard Villa" tabs, and here as 'blogs' ...
('blogs' purely in the sense of "on the web" ... 'in the day' (for me, the 50's!) - a 'blogger' was a false self-publicist ... maybe not so strange that's nowhere mentioned on the web now!) 

Or if you'd like all 40 pages of  it emailed now , just send me an "Enquiry"  message "Please send the O-V GUide" (and your email address of course). 

Have a  good read ! - Kevin


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